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My goal is to provide an alternative approach to treating and managing pain and dysfunction in the body. I prefer a personalized method of treatment that is both "hands-on" and educational for each client. Understanding how your body has become imbalanced, how to progress to a better state of health and the knowledge to maintain this equilibrium is the purpose of my work.

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A hands on approach - Without all the machines. I develop a specialized exercising program. Tailored to create a balance between the lengthened weaker muscles with th tighter shortened muscles.

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Don't Just Treat Symptoms - Fix The Problem

So… the big question: what is causing your pain and discomfort? What’s the root of the problem? If working the muscular system or the skeletal system is not getting a lasting result the fascial system maybe be the origin of the problem. Especially if you have experienced temporary relief with massage or chiropractic therapy.

Fascia, otherwise known as connective tissue, runs throughout your entire body. It connects your muscle system with the skeletal structures and surrounds both the nervous and vascular systems. This fascial tissue can become restricted with injury, surgery, trauma or inflammation. Fascial adhesions can limit muscle flexibility and joint movement. The nerves and blood vessels can also be negatively affected if they are stuck in fascial scars in the tissue layers. Your body needs to be able to move freely in all tissue layers to perform activities of daily living as well as maintain neutral spinal alignment for optimal health.

Unfortunately, fascia problems often go undiagnosed. For one, the area where symptoms develop is often not the area of primary restriction. For example, the fascia stuck under the lower ribs may be pulling the entire chest and shoulder blade down causing a poor position for the shoulder joint to move normally and hence cause pain with movement. Treating the shoulder offers temporary relief, but won’t fix your problem.

Conventional diagnostic techniques such as CT scans and MRI’s are not always sensitive enough to show these fascial restrictions that may be causing the problem. Rather than resorting to medications for pain management or possible surgery (with the hope) of improved function, I strongly recommend this type of manual therapy be tried.

If your dysfunction is in the fascial system there is hope for lasting results.

Why You May Be In Pain Today

Deep trunk adhesions can take a long time before they cause pain and disability. Over time, the fascia will limit other tissue layers and when the bone or muscle become restrcited the condition becomes more symptomatic. Trauma, surgeries, injuries,and infections cause inflammation. The natural response of the body is to heal with scar tissue. A part of the intestine may become adhered to the lower rib cage. This will create a downward pull through the torso and limit mobility in the thoracic spine. When one part of the spine is limited it will transfer up the chain of joints, causing overuse and symptoms in other segments. Today, there is a constant 'pull' in the neck; sharp, painful twinges in the back.

Most people would not relate an inflammatory process in childhood to be a contributing factor to the musculoskeletal pain they are experiencing 20 or 30 years later? In fact, this scenario is more common than one would think with chronic musculoskeletal conditions.

There are so many things that can happen to the structures on the inner layers of your body. When a strong force contacts the body it is not only the outer shell (muscle layer) that becomes injured. The force will travel through the entire sytem and may cause distortion of tissue right through the trunk. Having the muscular layer worked, or the skeletal layer manipulated, may provide temporary relief. If the deeper connective tissue has been torn and now adhesed, the syptoms will not resolve until this layer of scar has been mobilized

How Our Bodies Can Heal

You're in control. Our brain is the control centre for all functions in our bodies. It works through messages sent from movement in different body parts and gives the command for the adjustment to be made.

When a restriction in the connective tissue is located quite deep in the body there is virtually no movement in and around that scar. Therefore, there is no signal or feedback sent to the brain and it is unaware that there is a problem originating there. (i.e. little or no mind/body connection)

Because our bodies are closed continuous systems, the loss of movement of one part affects other parts of the kinetic chain, and it is the overworked parts that become symptomatic. When there is pain from overuse at an area, the brain is bombarded with signals from that site and the real SOURCE of the problem remains undetected. This can go on for months, even years, and sometimes decades.

Once the stuck area has been identified and then mobilized, the communication between the tissue and the brain has been restored and the brain can now start rebooting the correct motion for that body part and the pain from over use will lessen and resolve. (i.e. there is a better mind body connection)

There is no reason you should have to live in pain. The techniques of manual connective tissue release offer an alternative to finding the cause for those chronic conditions that never seem to go totally away, or always return with an increase in activity level.

I hope you have become encouraged after reading about this type of therapy. Links are on the FAQ page.)

I look forward to assisting you with your quest for better health and resolution of your pain. Together we can stop treating the symptom and correct what is really causing the pain............more effectively.

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1. What should I expect when I come for a treatment?

I take a thorough look at the history of events that have happened in a person's life. I have found that these have a significant effect on their current state of health. Posture, flexibility and strength are all assessed in different positions to see how they relate to normal functional abilities. I then develop the treatment plan based on what structures need mobilizing, to lessen the load on your overused and often symptomatic tissues.

2. Are your services covered by medical plans?


3. Why is your treatment so effective?

Rather than treat symptoms, I beleive that when you evaluate the body as a whole unit you are better able to evaluate the structures that may be causing the dysfunction. This is important as treatment techniques differ depending on whether the cause is in the muscle layer, the skeletal structure or the connective tissue of the trunk. Here are links to see several methods of manual therapy I employ.

4. Does the treatment hurt?

Certain techniques can be more uncomfortable than others. Not all layers of connective tissue correspond to pain. Generally, with deeper the tissue adhesion I will use an indirect approach and less pain is felt. When there is facial restrictions in the muscle layer I will use a direct approach to free it up. This can be quite uncomfortable but most effective and long lasting.

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